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Is Firefox Better Than Chrome?

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Browser, Firefox vs Chrome, Software |

What is your favorite web browser? When you think about today’s time with all these technologies that we have, people would think that we could use more browsers than we have. You know how when something becomes so popular and some people don’t like that and then returns to something old and classic. Today, people like that are called hipsters, but hipsters existed before the hipsters. So when you think about how people are using only four web browsers, then it’s surprising why there aren’t more of them. And when I say that people use four browsers, we must be realistic and say that people use only two web browsers, because let’s be realistic, who on Earth is using Internet Explorer and Opera? Maybe hipsters?Just kidding. It’s obvious that if there is a war of web browsers, we must choose sides by choosing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. And after all these years, did we finally decide which on is the better? To me, the war was over when I found out that Firefox can reduce the usage of RAM and when I found out that your browser can be fast no matter how many tabs are opened.


I know that there are people like me who like to have twenty or more tabs open, just in case we forget something that we wanted to see. And don’t forget about add-ons and extensions.
There is an enormous amount of these things that can only improve your browser experience. I know that Chrome also has its own add-ons, but I will give you an example.

I recently used an extension for Google Chrome called Vine Client. That allows you to upload vine videos from your PC. It is a very useful thing.

However, I found out that this add-on isn’t for free anymore. I don’t have negative experiences like this with Firefox, especially with my favorite extension that is giving me an opportunity to download YouTube videos with one click. But, if you are not convinced that Firefox is better than Chrome, I will convince you now.

Did you know that the battery on your laptop works less when you use Chrome instead of Firefox? I personally didn’t know this, and I was shocked when I heard it. Chrome has its advertising campaign about how Chrome works faster than Firefox. But, you would be dead wrong. Also, what it’s better in Firefox, are privacy settings.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that Google is the best website ever, but they can be pretty boring when they are trying to sync all your possible data.

They always want to sync your Gmail with your mobile, and your Google + account with YouTube. All this syncing makes your privacy setting more vulnerable. In firefox, there is even an add-on for making your privacy settings better.

I don’t know if you are convinced, but I am -Firefox it is !