The Must Have Firefox Add-ons if You are into Online Business

feature-1If you are working online as an Online Entrepreneur or working as a Freelance employee. You should’ve encountered the use of basic and advanced firefox plugins from time to time already? Here are the major listings of must have plugins that we have compiled. Read More→

The Advantage of Using Firefox for more security and privacy

feature-3Firefox as a web browser have been continuously developing from time to time to provide needs of it’s end users which is Us. In this age of social media and internet, even young ones have a regular access to internet that could allow them to have access to some sensitive materials. Firefox can provide the luxury of choosing the best possible options to secure the privacy and safety of its’ young users. Read More→

Some Useful reviews and advantage of Firefox against other browsers

feature-2Though Google Chrome seems to appear to be found almost every firefox have manage to provide some services and apps that seems to be unavailable on google chrome or other browsers. Different firefox plugins especially those being used in Search Engine Optimisation. Read More→